Their Union Is Meant To Be

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Today I'am going to the wedding of two friends Ive known from primary school...Karen and Peter met at Springfield Primary and where childhood sweethearts, in later years they parted each meeting new partners and marrying...Around 6yrs ago Peter asked me if I still saw Karen and would I pass his number on to her which I did, after a while they became an item again their love being rekindle after all those years...Today I will be there as they exchange their vows to each other as their love for each other has come full circle from child to adult happy in the knowledge they where meant to be together...All sounds a bit fairy tale but it shows in the world as it is today fairy tales do happen as their love has never died, sometimes we have to let the one we are in love with go to spread their wings, but deep within always knowing they will come back to us...We can all love another but to be in love with another is different our love is unconditional and the flame never goes out no matter how many years have passed...Wishing Karen and Peter a marriage filled with love,peace,happiness blessed by the Angels congratualtions you two......xxxxx