Soulmate or Twin Flame

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We all have relationships in life and we may feel we have met our soulmate or twin flame..If you want to find out if your current partnership or a past union, is a soulmate or twin flame relationship, see how many points you tick off on the lists below...Put your love to the test...

You're soulmates if

One partner is reluctant to fully commit to the relationship

The relationship starts on a high but deteriorates or needs constant work and effort

One of you tries to force change or bullies or tries to control the other

There's competition between you, or resentment of each others success

One partner feels jealous, insecure or abandond when the other is pursuing their own interests

One of you has to supress large parts of yourself to fit what your partner expects of you

There's a real sense of duty, debt or unfinished business - karma or a hidden agenda, perhaps

Physical intimacy between you feels forced or demanded

One of you is dependent on the other to the point where you couldnt survive alone

One or both partners are so absorbed in the relationship that they cant function in the world often getting ill...

You're Twin Flames If

You unconditionally love and accept each other

Each partner offers the other respect and recognition

You support each other to be who you are

You share a mutually uncompetitive complementary attitude

There's total honesty, intimacy and trust from the beginning

Adjustments to things such as living arrangements are willingly made

You display reciprocal feelings and behaviours in the relationship

Your recognition of each other goes beyond the sexual - including gentle, daily physical interaction such as touching and hugging

You each take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and happiness

Your energised by the sense of loving and being loved

The magic and wonder never fades

I hope you enjoy this and it may help answer some questions for you about relationships you have had or are in...Till next time love light and blessings....