Angelic Help

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There are many Angels in the angelic realms and each angel has its own duties and can help us with different issues.Glorius July is filled with bright flowers, butterflies,birds, blue skies and oppertunities to celebrate outdoor life with friends and family. All this bounty has the extra blessing of Verchiel the Angel of Affection. Playful VERCHIEL encourages you to get some rest and relaxation, feel good about what you have achieved and be joyful.He teaches the important truth, that happiness is wanting what you have, rather than having what you want.What really brings you fulfillment? Chances are it lies all around you, and can be bought by a smile, rather than cold cash.Verchiel also brings the gift of clarity.As ruler of the sun, his golden light reveals what is really important to you and enables you to express your nobility and generosity.His gifts are also language, maths and a sharp intellect, so why not use some of that time spent on the sun-lounger to brush up your skills? Verchiel can show you exciting new ways to express yourself...           Till next time enjoy the sunshine and relax